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In films that show the times of knights, castles are truly admired. Just the sight awakens a feeling of delight, because most of the castles are decorated with stucco, so rich and luxurious. After watching the film, each of us returns to reality, where there is wallpaper on the walls, and there is not even a trace of luxurious stucco molding.

Sitting back and dreaming about castles is not our option. We need to make dreams come true. Let’s not immediately start building a castle, but at least decorate the room with stucco. Moreover, in the modern world there are not so many problems with stucco. Previously, gypsum, a heavy and expensive material, was used for its production. Now something new has come to replace it - polyurethane. Polyurethane stucco molding has advantages over gypsum.

Perimeter is a Chinese brand that has been producing polyurethane moldings for more than 10 years. The company never stands still and is constantly adding new polyurethane decor models to its range . Today, Perimeter boasts various models of arched frames, decorative fireplaces, columns and cornices, as well as moldings and consoles. We could have stopped there, because the assortment already allows us to choose from, but Perimeter decided that this was not the limit of what was achievable. Therefore, the brand also produces niches, wall panels, pilasters, ceiling rosettes and borders, as well as corners for frames.

Over all the years in the polyurethane products market, Perimeter has won the love and respect of customers due to its 100% quality and varied selection. With Perimeter stucco, you can choose decor to suit different styles and designs. If you use polyurethane stucco correctly, it is possible to visually enlarge small rooms. Imagine how luxurious the already wide halls will look. Therefore there is no room for doubt. Perimeter molding will be the icing on the cake for your rooms.

It's time to move on to an important point: why do people choose Perimeter brand polyurethane products?

Plaster is unreasonably expensive and old-fashioned. If companies give us the opportunity to experiment with something, try something new, we need to take advantage of it.

Perimeter is a brand that aims to ensure that customers return more than once. Therefore, he devotes all his efforts to producing high-quality molded products. A proverb, known in narrow circles, and now also to you, says: “Those who once decided to use polyurethane decor will always choose polyurethane.” In all aspects of goods, the rule “price - quality” applies, sometimes one outweighs the other, or vice versa. But this is not about Perimeter, because the company holds two positions at the top!

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